Book References. can help you find any of these books if you'd like to purchase one. Upon request, we can email you excerpts from anything on this list if you have a particular chapter or topic in mind.
We will be adding to this list.

  • The Textile Museum, Lyons
    Musees et Monuments de France, Published 1990, Belgium
  • Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart
    The Textile Museum, Published 1987, Washington D.C.
  • When Silk was Gold
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Published 1998, New York, N.Y.
  • Coptic Textiles in the Brooklyn Museum
    The Brookyln Institute of Arts&Science, Published 1971, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Woven Treasures - Textiles from the World of Islam
    Kjed von Folsach&Anne-Marie Keblow Bernsted, Published 1993, Copenhagen
  • The Fine Art of Textiles
    Philadelphia Museum of Art, Published 1997, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Indian Embroidery, By: Rosemary Crill
    First published by V & A Publications, 1999 ISBN 1-85177-310-X

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