About Hamid Tavakoli

Featured on this site are the finest museum quality antique textiles offered by Hamid Tavakoli at Art of Persepolis Inc. in New York City. For over forty years, Hamid has been building his collection which now exceeds to three thousand eight hundred pieces. He maintains a reputation as one of the world's leading dealers in antique textile objects. His inventory is exceptionally diverse and items will be appearing here at TextileAsArt.com on a rotating basis for you to view.

Hamid travels around the U.S. and the world collecting beautiful antiques. He also collects books that talk about all the different kinds of textile art throughout the world (Some of these books are antique as well). Hamid is also very knowledgeable about antiques and can provide information on just about any of the world's most precious textiles. He has a close working relationship with many Galleries, Museums, and Auction Houses. Hamid's Persian and Italian textiles have also been recently featured at Chelsea Art Museum and private galleries in New York City. Please Contact him if you have any questions regarding any of his beautiful antique objects not appearing on this site!

Please visit Hamid's web site at www.ArtOfPersia.com where you can browse more of his beautiful Antique Carpets, along with his other featured antique objects like Antique American Hooked Rugs, Antique Islamic Art, and Persian Art.
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